What We Do

On-Call Expertise

Systems Integration, Consulting, Troubleshooting—there are a slew of terms to describe all the services necessary to keep your technology humming along.

At home, just think of us as the digital “family doctor.” At your business, think of us as your on-call I.T. department, ready when you need us.

Web Development

Still don’t have a website for your business or organization?  Or worse, you get poor responses after the first month?

Why not work with a friendly face that can communicate clearly—and value a long-term client?

(Oh—and is cost-competitive.)


Technology works great—until it doesn’t.

If this isn’t your world, it can be scary when your computer slows to a crawl—or quits altogether.

We can help you prepare for disaster, and help you recover should it strike.

After the initial purchase of hardware…

Here are just some of the things we help folks with:

  • Installation of computers, printers, and other peripherals
  • Network setup and maintenance
  • Support and trouble-shooting for all of the above
  • Software selection, conversions, upgrades
  • Virus/malware removal, prevention, and recovery
  • Data archiving and backup strategies
  • Coaching on how to use all this wonderful stuff

Spent hours/days unsuccessfully fiddling with equipment it only took minutes to buy?  Why not call people who have been doing this since the days you had to build everything yourself?

Advanced Services

We have been offering custom programming services since way before Windows.  We can create brand new applications, but clients often turn to us to wring a few more miles out of old code that no one else will touch.

We typically work with small businesses, so we’re well versed at maximizing value and minimizing costs.

Our clients have come from all over Northern California—and beyond.  We were “telecomputing” and providing remote services long before it became fashionable.

Next Steps…

Call or email today—let’s get you back to work!