SERVICES / Web Development


Need some help getting a web presence going for your business, product, or hobby?

We bring a unique blend of talents to any project:  deep knowledge of options, experienced judgment of “bang-per-buck” issues, high-level writing and design/graphics skills, AND technical expertise.

We specialize in WordPress development, allowing us to hand off sites to customers who want to do their own content maintenance.

SERVICES / Programming


Whether it’s themes or code to make your website unique, or programming to keep your business humming, we can handle it.

And we’re not afraid of “old” stuff.  We specialize in maintaining and converting old data and code.

SERVICES / eBooks, Publishing

eBook Production

Have a memoir, family history, or other book that needs to see the light of day? Self-publishing has evolved from the “vanity press” to a major new market. Preparing a manuscript for this brave new world requires many of the skills necessary for other internet work, which is why we got into it.

We prepare both eBooks (i.e., something read on a tablet, computer, or other device) and print-on-demand publications (a real book).

Contact us for more info on this exciting new field.