To Update, or not to Update

For the average computer user, one of the banes of your existence is dealing with the plethora of “updates” your machine bugs you about. Here’s a bit of background, and some guiding principles. Before broadband internet became widespread, updates to programs generally only came once a year or so, since … [continued…]

“Good Old Days” of Tech

Going through the more ancient regions of the records, I came across credentials from computer expos long ago. Friends and I still reminisce about the early years of personal computing. It was definitely chaotic. There were countless companies making hardware, software, and accessories—but that was part of the fun, and … [continued…]

“Russian” Router Hack

Much has been made in the media lately about a Russian router hack.  Here’s the low-down with this router hack story, and what normal folks can do. What’s a router hack? As Emily Litella might have said, “What’s all this I hear about RotoRooter Sax?  No one’s playing saxophone in … [continued…]

Tips ‘n Tricks

Here we’ll bring you bits of info average folks should know about their computers and phones—that you may not have seen elsewhere. We’re moving into new “digital digs,” so check back soon as we fill in this section.