Email Panic

So you have recently received at least one email claiming to know a lot about you, including your password and what you’ve been doing on the internet. How do we know? Because virtually everyone has, multiple times. Recent versions of this junk are especially nasty, trying to blackmail you for … [continued…]

“Russian” Router Hack

Much has been made in the media lately about a Russian router hack.  Here’s the low-down with this router hack story, and what normal folks can do. What’s a router hack? As Emily Litella might have said, “What’s all this I hear about RotoRooter Sax?  No one’s playing saxophone in … [continued…]

Managing Google History

Our Google history is extensive; why not use Google itself to show us just how extensive our Google history is? By now most of us have heard the big internet players record nearly everything we do.  The business case for this is to match advertisers to us, and we’re assured … [continued…]

Password Managers

When the ‘net was young, and accounts were few, we started jotting down our ID/password combos.  First one Post-It, then a dozen; we may have started a neat, spreadsheet print-out, but soon it was quickly covered with dozens of hastily-added handwritten additions.  As the number of websites requiring logins proliferated, … [continued…]