About Us

For everything you don’t get in a box…

Welcome to the home of I.M.A., an Information Technology consulting firm based in Modesto, California.  We help businesses and home offices get the most from their computing assets.  Way before any “Dweeb Troops,” we were making house calls and providing solutions to Northern California.

“Consultant” is admittedly a broad term, often abused these days. But there are constantly more tasks required to keep your technology humming, and we can help with most of them. We strive to bring an old-fashioned craftsman’s ethic to this business, doing a job right the first time.

Our Approach

“Family Doctor for Technology” may be the best way of describing what we do and how we do it.  We form long-term relationships with our clients; when their computers “act up”—or there is any other technology question—their first call is to IMA. We value this trust, and do our utmost to be worthy of it.

Our Story

Dan Langhoff (owner) began his “data processing” career as a one-man department for a service bureau in Modesto, California.  There he wrote programs for the timber industry and kept all the hardware running—when he wasn’t developing marketing materials and putting out business fires. 

He was an early advocate of replacing minicomputers with a network of the new-fangled “personal” computers, slashing expenses by an order of magnitude.  This started a career of thinking “outside The Box” on how to maximize clients’ return on computer technology investments.

Mr. Langhoff began Information Management Associates (IMA) in 1985 to pursue his interest in providing quality services to the emerging “microcomputer” market.  

To this day, IMA provides services for custom programming, web design, hardware/software support, book publishing, virus recovery, data conversion—and everything else, which falls under the “I.T. consulting” umbrella.

How may we help YOU?

Please get in touch when faced with your next computer challenge….