Technology Help

I.M.A. is your digital "family doctor." We install new computers, move or save files, and recover data from disaster.

Ready for remote access, now that you're working from home?  Call us!


We create and/or maintain your personal or professional website. We get stalled projects done!


Trouble with malware, hackers, or viruses?  Turn to I.M.A. for recovery options.  We can also help with backup, archiving, or conversions.

Trusted Since 1985

I.M.A. has been trusted in offices (and making housecalls) since the dawn of the personal computer age. We can build hardware or write custom software, but these days so many other services are necessary to keep our digital lives healthy. We bring an old-world, "craftsman" approach to our work.

Graphics and eBooks

An off-shoot of working with PCs since forever--we've often been called upon to use the latest computer tools to do visual design for websites, brochures, flyers, newsletters, etc.  Now that expertise has been applied to preparing manuscripts for eBooks or print-on-demand publishing (Amazon, Nook, etc.).

Learn How I.M.A. Can Help YOU

Get more details about what we do in the following pages.  Then get in touch to see how we can help YOU.